About the Dachshund
It is widely accepted that the Germans were largely responsible for the development of the dog we know today as the dachshund.  Their unique shape was developed to search for their quarry, the badger. " Dachshund" translated means "Badger Hound". Hunters in the past used the dachshund to keep the number of badgers in check. Today's hunters use the dachshund in a variety of settings. The Dachshunds hunting spirit , good nose and distinctive build make him suitable for below ground work and for beating the bush. Their keen noses give them the advantage over many breeds for trailing. Today dachshunds are seen in many activities such as agility, tracking, obedience, field trials and confirmation. Some are involved in pet therapy and trained as drug sniffing dogs by the police.  Most of all Dachshunds make excellent family dogs that are even tempered, and bond to families. Great lap babies too!

According to the Standard dachshunds come in two sizes:
Standard- 16-32 lbs
Miniature- 11lbs and under

Three coat varieties- Smooth, Wire and  Long.

Colors a plenty! Red, black/tan, Chocolate/tan, Issabella, Cream, Blue/tan, Wheaten and many patterns such as dapple, piebald and brindle.

Dachshunds are clever, lively and courageous. Affectionate and loving to their family. They crave being the center of attention. Not well suited to being a outdoor dog, they prefer to share your home. Dachshunds are protective of their home and may bark at strangers.