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Additional Information 

-Limited Registration(Pet)- Means the puppy is sold as pet only, no breeding rights-desired by most people just wanting a pet.
-Full Registration(Full)-Means the puppy is sold with full breeding/show rights.
-Shipping is not available.
-AKC-American Kennel Club
-Boy or Girl? -Both make equally good pets, spay/neuter before they become adults to eliminate unwanted behaivor.
-Spay/Neuter Agreement?-  Buyer agrees in writing to have puppy neutered/spayed within a certain time limit.
-Pet Quality/ Pet Only- Puppy is deemed not suitable for breeding/show, but still a perfectly good, healthy pet.
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AKC Registration
All puppies are sold as pets with Limited AKC papers. This means the puppy is to be a pet only, not for breeding. If you are interested in having breeding rights(Full AKC), please inquire before pickup. Full registration may be available(if puppy is of breeding quality) at a additional cost(prices vary).

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Dachshund Sizes
Miniature- Up to 11 lbs(average size ranges from 7-11lbs.) **Average size of our Mini's is about 9-10lbs**

Tweenie- 12- 15 lbs(although not officialy recognized by AKC as a seperate size catorgory, many people recognize the "inbetween" sized Dachshund by this name. The majority of Dachshunds in the USA,  fall into the "Tweenie" size catogory. 

Standard- 16 lbs & Up
Puppies are available to be seen by Appointment only. We do not have set "open/closed" hours, as you will be visiting our home. Please notify us if you are unable to keep your appointment. My time is valuable too. Thanks!
Did you know Dachshunds come in 3 coat types?

Smooths- The most commonly seen coat type, sometimes referred to as "shorthaired". Require minimal grooming. Even though they have short hairs, they still shed, although minimal.

Longs- The longhaired variety is seen less often than smooths but have become increasingly popular over the last 10 yrs. Most people agree that longs have a milder temperament than smooths. Grooming: Longs do not require "cuts", just a simple brushing twice a week will keep them beautiful! Shedding is about the same as Smooths.

Wire- The Wirehaired Dachshund is the least seen of the three coat types. They have a coarse "wiry" coat which varies in length. Wires have a silly personality, more active and clown like than the other coat types.
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We feed & recommend Royal Canin (Small Breed) puppy food.
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