***Please note- All puppies are sold with AKC limited registration (pet ) at the prices listed, unless otherwise noted. Inquire for Full AKC registration
Sorry, We no longer Accept Personal Checks! Payments Can Be Made by Cash, Certified Check, Debit/Visa/MC and Paypal
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Additional Information

-Limited Registration(Pet)- Puppy sold as pet only, no breeding rights-desired by most people just wanting a pet.
-Full Registration(Full)-Puppy is sold with full breeding/show rights
-Microchip Implants are done at buyers request (no charge, requires 1 week notice before pickup).  To Register your puppy's chip - www.microchipIDsystems.com/register
-Shipping is not available.
-AKC-American Kennel Club
-CKC-Continental Kennel Club
-Boy or Girl? -Both make equally good pets, spay/neuter before they become adults to eliminate unwanted behaivor.
-Spay/Neuter Agreement?-  Buyer agrees in writing to have puppy neutered/spayed within a certain time limit.
-Pet Quality/ Pet Only- Puppy is deemed not suitable for breeding/show(too small,bad bite, etc.), but still a perfectly good, healthy pet.
-Nuvet- A all natural vitamin supplement. Samples sent home with each puppy. Order yours now! Link above, to right of this page.
-email us at :  basskennels@yahoo.com.
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If you are interested in any of our puppies please send us a email. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have. basskennels@yahoo.com or call:   252-945-2479
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What comes with your new puppy?
Puppy Kits are given w/puppy at pickup.

  • Sample bag of puppy food
  • Puppy Care book
  • Blanket w/mom's scent (colors vary)
  • Adjustable collar (colors vary)
  • Toy ( type varies)
  • AKC registration (unless otherwise noted)
  • Health record
  • Nuvet vitamin sample w/brochure
  • Microchip registration card (microchipping is optional and only upon request)
  • Folder for storing puppy's records (colors vary)
  • *Kits are subject to availability and may not always have each/all of  the items listed above*

AKC Registration
All puppies are sold as pets with Limited AKC papers. This means the puppy is to be a pet only, not for breeding. If you are interested in having breeding rights(Full AKC), please inquire before pickup. Full registration is available at a additional cost(prices vary).

Don"t forget to order your NuVet Vtamin"s Order code 31174 Click here to order
Dachshund Sizes
Miniature- Up to 11 lbs(average size ranges from 7-11lbs)
Tweenie- 12- 15 lbs(although not officialy recognized as a seperate size, many people recognize the "inbetween" sized Dachshund by this name)
Standard- 16 lbs & up(average size 16-21lbs)
Puppies are available to see by Appointment only. We do not have set "open/closed" hours, as you will be visiting our home. Please notify us if you are unable to keep your appointment. My time is valuable too. Thanks!
Did you know Dachshunds come in 3 coat types?

Smooths- The most commonly seen coat type, sometimes referred to as "shorthaired". Require minimal grooming. Even though they have short hairs, they still shed, although minimal.

Longs- The longhaired variety is seen less often than smooths but have become increasingly popular over the last 10 yrs. Most people agree that longs have a milder temperament than smooths. Grooming: Longs do not require "cuts", just a simple brushing twice a week will keep them beautiful! Shedding is about the same as Smooths.

Wire- The Wirehaired Dachshund is the least seen of the three coat types. They have course terrier like fur and grooming is best left to someone with experience with wires. Wires have a silly personality, more active and clown like than the other coat types.
Click Here to register your new puppy's microchip!
A deposit of $100 will hold the puppy of your choice until pickup date. For deposits, we accept credit/debit cards through paypal(we will email a invoice), you do not need a paypal account to be billed through paypal. The balance on puppy is due at pickup. No Shipping Available! Puppies must be picked up in person or we can possibly meet you *depending on location.
Email us at basskennels@yahoo.com  if you are interested in a puppy. Thanks!
If possible, try to email us first. We are not by the phone most of the time. If you do call, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.
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#5- Female, Chocolate/tan Smooth, born 8/20/2014 - $550
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#2- Male, Red Wirehair, born 8/13/2014 - $500
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#4- Male, Red Piebald Wirehair, born 8/13/2014- $300
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#3- Female, Red Wirehair, born 8/13/2014- $350
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#1- Male, Red Wirehair, born 8/13/2014 - $300
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#6- Female, Red Longhair, born 8/20/2014 - $500
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If you are interested in a puppy, please email me at basskennels@yahoo.com and include any questions you may have. I'll email you back promptly or if you'd prefer a call back please leave your number and the best time to reach you.
#7- Female, EE Red Smooth - $550, born 8/20/2014
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