Bass Kennel Dachshunds, in Eastern North Carolina, breeder of Miniature Dachshund puppies in most colors and coats.Occasionally we have adult dachshunds for adoption. Our dachshunds are part of our family and our puppies are raised indoors with our family. Our adult dachshunds are health checked before breeding, examined and vaccinated annually by our veterinarian. Our dachshunds are registered with AKC-American Kennel Club. 
 We love our dachshunds deeply and don't mind giving up our time for them to  be cared for like they should be. Each has their own personality and I know them like my own children. Our whole family gives their time to help with the dachshunds. Because we care so much for them and their babies we only want people that will do the same to have our puppies. Please be sure you can make the commitment before purchasing one. Educate yourself on the breed. Talk to other dachshund owners. We'll be happy to honestly answer any questions you have.
Email us or text/call at 252-945-2479(leave a message) if you have any further questions. Thank you for visiting us at BassDachshunds

AKC Inspected & Compliant 
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